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  1. May 08,  · In honor of Mother's Day, we asked listeners to tell us about the songs that remind them of mom. We got thousands of stories and song suggestions, way more than we could ever publish here. So for.
  2. May 27,  · 1 I Bet You. The story of Funkadelic begins with their sister band, Parliament, who started life as doo-wop group the Parliaments, in bandleader George Clinton’s hometown of Plainfield, New Jersey.
  3. written by Phinnweb Chicks on Speed and the No Heads Press The Spacebar (CD) COS 19 / Hausmusik/Indigo 30 November (Europe) The fourth full length CHICKS ON SPEED album after "Will Save Us All" and last year's "99 Cents" sees them radically turn away from the synthetic electroclash approach they are often misleadingly associated with and team up with .
  4. The most songs on a digital album is , and was achieved by The Pocket Gods (UK) with the album titled "X My Life As A Playlist", released on 22 March The Pocket Gods have held this title twice before.
  5. For nearly four decades, The Happy Goodmans brightened the world with their Gospel songs. They were founded in Alabama in the s by Howard and Gussie Goodman. Over the years, they expanded and changed membership until finally becoming a quartet composed of Ruth, Sam, Rusty and Bob Goodman. They were later joined by Vestal Goodman and the only non .
  6. Danish label and distributor run by the Danish Musicians' Union (Dansk Musiker Forbund). Formerly known as Dansk Musiker Forbunds Plademærke. Facilitating support for DIY artists as well. NB! Please double-check your listings before setting up Gateway Music as label, as many current listings are WRONG and most of them should list Gateway only.
  7. May 10,  · Smile. from 16 Most Requested Songs; by Tony Bennett "My Mother's life was filled with almost immeasurably deep suffering. She lost her entire family to World War II at 17, left her homeland, and.
  8. On this 20th anniversary of Pop's release, let me say "Thank you, U2," for adding a wonderful set of songs to my life's soundtrack. Like No Line on the Horizon, the Pop album gets slagged but this U2 fan quite likes it. It seems too many reached for this album, but their ears could not grab it. Here's to more appreciation of this gem in the.

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