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  1. Audio CDs can have a 'hidden' last track which is really the last track with a long period of silence before the hidden track. This effect removes the silence period, set the Detection Threshold large enough to ignore periods of silence normal tracks might contain. Fades in, or / and Fade Out, to silence, over specified time ( milli.
  2. The first full-length record from Pegboy doesn't have any wildly innovative musical style, and the vocals are growled and shouted rather than sung -- but if you wanted beautiful singing or musical genius you wouldn't be listening to this band in the first place. The most surprising thing on this disc is the instrumental "Locomotivelung," which sounds almost progressive, like something Rush.
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  4. In addition, Jinyoung and JB added their own solo songs "The Day" and "Fade Away" as a hidden track that can only be heard on the CD. According to the duo, they wrote lyrics based on their anxieties going through life in their 20s. [4].
  5. Dec 10,  · Fade-Away. The disappearance of a teenage high school basketball star exposes the shady underside of college basketball recruiting, and Jack and Anne have to deal with her miscarriage.
  6. The hidden track is often an excuse for an otherwise effervescent and energised band to kick back and slip a downbeat moment onto a wild-ass record without killing the pace. The CD DJ’s worst.

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