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  1. any more any amount: We don’t have any more candy. Not to be confused with: anymore – any longer; presently: I don’t make candy anymore. any more (ˌɛnɪˈmɔː) or anymore adv any longer; still; now or from now on; nowadays: he does not work here any more. any more If you want to say that something that happened in the past does not happen now.
  2. As for the phrases "much longer" and "any longer/any more", though they can be used in the sentence, they are not interchangeable because they convey different senses. If you wan to emphasize that neither sides is inclined to protract the dispute even to a small degree/in the least, you can use any more/any longer. On the other hand, the use of.
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  4. Anymore definition is - any longer. How to use anymore in a sentence. anymore vs. any more.
  5. Definition of any longer —usually used in negative statements to say that something that was once true or possible is not now true or possible We can't ignore these problems any longer. I can't afford the car any longer. Learn More about any longer.
  6. No longer, not any longer - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary.
  7. +15 sentence examples: 1. He couldn't see the benefit of arguing any longer. 2. I can't put up with it any longer. 3. I don't feel loyal to this company any longer. 4. You can't keep up the pretense any longer. 5. I can' t tolerate your bad manner.
  8. Any longer definition at harwingsimpricktogoldcapoforjoeprudlet.coinfo, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!
  9. any longer 1. Longer in length. If this gown were any longer, I'd trip over it. If this drive were any longer, I'd have to stop at a hotel for the night. 2. Any more. I can't handle this tension any longer—can you two please reconcile? Oh, the Smiths don't live there any longer, they moved last year. See also: any, longer any longer 1. With added.

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